Susan L Gutzwiller

For my work to appear effortless is a goal I'm having a blast trying to attain whether out of doors or in the studio. Don't get me wrong there have been plenty of aggravations along the way but throughout these difficulties I've gained a better sense of what to expect with the next painting.  Challenges are welcome.

I'm a Cincinnati native born in 1957 and grew up in old suburbs that were just prior to being countryside.  

Acres of woods and fields still existed and were more than likely my earliest inspirations for landscape painting.

Music and drawing were my refuge in elementary school, painting followed in high school.  Years of odd jobs and several courses at the Cincinnati Art Academy brought me through to the early 90's when portrait commissions and gallery representations were offered.  It was around this time I began to see my creative life take a turn for the better.

I met and gained lasting friendships with some of Cincinnati's most prominent painters during my previous tenure at the Cincinnati Art Club.  Our group has grown with friends of friends as we currently keep in touch with a figurative sketch group that meets periodically as well as plein-air paint and other social activities.

This has been an education in itself for me.  To have had the benefit of their teachings and just general drawing and painting practices has been a huge asset towards reaching my goal.

We all have our reasons for painting what we do, multiple inspirations are out there for our choosing.  I'm no different than anyone else, I simply can't resist the color and design that nature's poetic harmony offers.  This education is boundless.